The most epic app for virtual rowing and paddling, downwind surfing, and erg training.

Get ready for a fully immersive, limitless, multi-player experience.

Designed for KayakPro Ergometers.

Swelldone is an epic, virtual, open-ocean, multi-player paddling experience.  

Swelldone takes the exhilarating fun of downwind paddling, simulates it in a massive multi-player online game of limitless ocean, and adds in the intensity of serious training.

Swelldone will help you learn to read waves, choose lines, and improve your fitness to help you paddle smarter and faster.

Join other virtual paddlers in Swelldone and surf endless epic party waves. Choose from different avatars, paddle crafts, courses, environments, and more.

Training on the erg will never be the same again in the virtual oceans of Swelldone.

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