KayakPro Compact Kayak Ergometer

KayakPro Compact Kayak Ergometer
  • KayakPro Compact Kayak Ergometer

The Compact Kayak Ergometer features a delay-proof catch, giving a perfect on the water feel.

It’s superb engineering, robust construction – with on board electronics and software training additions make the KayakPro Compact Kayak Ergometer the “Gold Standard” for ergometers.

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NZ$ 6,149.00 including GST

The KayakPro Compact Kayak Ergometer is designed for and targeted towards gyms, schools, home gyms and any location where space is at a premium. 

Features the delay-proof catch, same on the water feel, robust construction and superb engineering as with other KayakPro ergometers - with on board electronics and compatible software. Super easy transportation, can fit in the boot of most cars.

Take your training to the next level with the Compact Kayak Ergometer!!

Unique Features Include:

  • Adjustable shaft length – allows resistance and accommodation of preferred paddle length.
  • Quick release and adjustable footrest.
  • Adjustable resistance air-brake flywheel.
  • Super robust and durable construction.
  • Increased safety with tamperproof enclosed flywheel and rope enclosure
  • Super Easy Transportation – It can fit in the boot of a car! Compressed size: 1.6m x 0.42m x 0.68m
  • Telescopic / Extendable Kayak Platform - It can be used in a reduced operating / work space.
  • Perfect delay proof “catch”
  • Large display On-Board console, with fully calibrated, time elapsed, distance traveled, Countdown distances or time, Stroke rate, Heart rate, functions pace speed, or projected time 
  • Carbon Fibre Seat. With 3 adjustable height and angle setting. Seat fittings also fully compatible with Nelo Plastex and Vajda kayak Seats.

The on-board console is able to receive the performing athlete’s weight. It is important to input the user’s weight in order to ensure that the data output and feed back for each Ergometer is specific to the weight of the athlete that is using it.

If no athlete’s weight is entered, a default weight of 75 kg is automatically used. Please refer to the KayakPro OnBoard Console Instruction Manual for information on how to enter athlete weight.

The standard on-board console should also be calibrated each time the Ergometer is used - this will ensure consistency and accuracy of data output and consistency between Ergometers.

The onboard console is designed to operate in indoors, in low-medium humidity environments. [< 60% @ 25 °C]. It is not waterproof, and should not be stored, maintained and/ or used in High humidity environments, nor subject to contact with water or moisture.

High humidity environments, e.g. swimming pools, and external patios / areas in hot and humid climates may well negatively affect the functioning of the on board consoles. Corrosion and deterioration of vital contact elements, and electronics are possible.

The product guarantee, expressly excludes the on board console where it is used in high humidity environments.

Please note that the ergs ships one large box (approx 46kg) and some assembly is required.  We can arrange for someone to assemble for you however this will incur an additional fee.

Shipping prices are dependent on location and delivery access

Shipping Box Dimensions – 

149cm (l) – 59cm (h) – 36cm (w)

Closed for storage – 

1.6m (l) x 0.68m (h) x 0.42m (w)

139.7(l) cm x 58.42cm(h) x 40cm(w)

Shortest usable setting –

Opened out for use: 2.05m (l) x 0.68m (h) x 0.42m (w)

Safe working area: 2.5m (l) x 1.75m (w) x 1.8m (h)

Longest usable setting –

Opened out for use: 2.55m (l) x 0.68m (h) x 0.42m (w)

Safe working area: 3m (l) x 1.75m (w) x 1.8m (h)

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