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Kayak, Dragon Boat & Waka Ama Paddles

Buy your kayakdragon boat or waka ama paddles from PaddlePro, NZ's paddle specialists. 

Since 2013, athletes, clubs, schools and paddle sport enthusiasts have trusted us to provide the best paddles for their watersports. Designed with performance and quality in mind, our paddles are available in a variety of materials, shaft length and blade shapes. 



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KayakPro Ergometers for off-water training

KayakPro is the world leader in the innovative conceptual design and production of sport specific equipment and kayaking products for elite athletes and sport specific fitness enthusiasts alike.

PaddlePro is the New Zealand distributor of the KayakPro ergometers for swimming, dragon boating, kayaking and waka ama, all of which are available for purchase directly from us online. 

All KayakPro ergometers are designed for high input by professional and novice paddlers, and can handle multi-user use in gyms and clubs. The ergometers are made of a extremely robust aluminum and steel construction, coupled with easy operating mechanisms, allowing for ease of use and adjustment. They are fully performance calibrated and give the same “on-the-water” feel as real paddling.

Supplier to the Olympics

KayakPro USA LLC Official Supplier of Kayak and Canoe Ergometers to the 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2021 Olympic Games


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