WAKA - MultiStroke Ergometer

WAKA - MultiStroke Ergometer
Amazing realistic on-the-water feel of a Waka Ama / Outrigger / Dragon Boat.
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These ergometers precisely replicate the resistance and on-the-water feel of a Waka Ama / Outrigger / Dragon Boat / Sit-and-Switch / Va’a and Pro Canoe paddling. They allow the users to switch sides using the same shaft. The combination of catch, resistance, and glide are 3 factors which make up the true “on the water” feel of paddling. In order to replicate this, the mechanics of blade entry, relationship between the forces on the shaft, and the top guiding hand all are critical.  Coaches and paddlers can now focus on this and perfect their technique.

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Note: the Dragon Boat (D1-M) and Waka (O1-M) are similar except for the seats - D1-M is adjustable while the O1-M is fixed molded.

Multistroke boasts many unique features.

  • Delay-proof catch.
  • Adjustable stoke rate frequency. Either by fan resistance adjustment or shaft length.
  • Adjustable / Variable load and resistance.
  • Correct and adjustable seat height.
  • Adjustable Shaft allows the use of the appropriate shaft length to give the correct ‘centre of pressure’ on the paddle blade (below the bottom hand).
  • Removable legs and Flywheel cage to allow easy transport and storage.
  • Fully and easily adjustable footrest to fit any paddler.
  • Easily viewable-Sophisticated on-board computer.

The KayakPro Standard on board console comes included with your MultiStroke Ergometer.

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Stroke rate
  • Heart rate
  • Power output in Cal/J.
  • Time elapsed
  • Count down distance or time
  • Projected or Pace speed
  • Speed
  • Connection to PC software, and coming November – Internet racing and training

The on-board console is able to receive input of the performing athlete’s weight. It is important to input the user’s weight in order to ensure that the data output for each MultiStroke is specific to the weight of the athlete that is using it.

If no athlete’s weight is entered, a default weight of 75 kg or 168 lbs is automatically used. 

The standard on-board console should be calibrated each time the MultiStroke is used – this will ensure consistency and accuracy of data output and consistency between MultiStroke Ergometers.

Please note: the Waka / OM1 ergometer ships with a fixed moulded seat.
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Features O1-M D1-M
Sit and Switch Capability Yes Yes
Looking/Fixed Arm Capability Yes Yes
Seat Outrigger/Contoured Seat Flat Bench Style Seat
Shaft Length 100cm 76cm
Dragon Boat Canada Team Testing and Evaluation Ergometer No Yes
Indoor Dragon Boat Competition Ergometer Yes (with D1M shaft) Yes

Please note that the ergs ship in 2 boxes and some assembly is required.  We can arrange for someone to assemble for you however this will incur an additional fee.

Shipping prices are dependent on location and access


description quantity comment cartons kg/ctn L(cm) W(cm) H(cm) measurement G.W.
O1M 1 flywheel 1   21.4 67 59 40 0.16 21
frame 1   19.45 177 29.5 27 0.14 19

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