SwimFast ergometer

SwimFast ergometer
Be stronger, swim faster...
NZ$ 4,782.61 excluding GST
NZ$ 5,500.00 including GST
Available on request

SwimFast’s variable resistance settings, reactive swim bench and silky smooth, delay proof catch offers the athlete:

  • Specific swim-action strength building at both higher and lower resistance levels than water-work alone can provide.
  • Conditioning training at both higher and lower than water-work frequency / stroke rates.
  • Opportunity to train when time is limited or darkness is a limiting factor.
  • Guaranteed equal resistance on each side, ensuring a symmetrical balanced workout.
  • The ability to isolate torso and upper body work, leading to specific strength and endurance gains.
  • Computer monitoring of performance, speed, stroke rate and work output.
  • Technique refinement and enhancement, together with the option to use the Halo Swim System to ensure correct technique replication and improvement.

We typically don't hold stock of the SwimFast ergometer but can ship to orders.

Please note that the ergs ship in 2 boxes and some assembly is required.  We can arrange for someone to assemble for you however this will incur an additional fee.

Shipping prices are dependent on location and access

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