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  • WAKA Paddles - Carbon Fibre
    A great entry level paddle for Waka Ama racing and training - lightweight spare - light, strong and fast.
    NZ$ 251.30
    NZ$ 289.00 incl GST
  • SUP Carbon Fibre adjustable paddle
    These paddles are great for racing and training. Adjustable length to suit conditions and shared users. Strong and sturdy.
    NZ$ 216.52
    NZ$ 249.00 incl GST
    *** SOLD OUT ***
  • Kayak Carbon Fibre Split Wing Paddle
    These paddles are great for racing and training, or simply keep as a spare.
    Suitable for flat water or surf ski paddling. Variable length 206cm +10cm to accommodate different conditions or several paddlers.
    NZ$ 343.48
    NZ$ 395.00 incl GST
    *** Sold Out ***

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