About Us

Paddle Pro NZ is pasionate about kayaking and surfski paddling.  Having searched far and wide we are proud to be associated with the KayakPro business offering quality paddling ergometers.

Paddle Pro is a New Zealand business with a passion for all paddling sports. We primarily focus on importing ergometers to meet the needs of keen paddlers which typically covers Kayak / SurfSki and SUP ergometer requirements (Dragon Boat and Waka options available too). The ergometers are sourced from KayakPro (US) who are the only official company to supply ergometers to the Olympics. Paddle Pro’s humble beginnings originate from an extensive search to find an ergometer that would give the closest “on water” feel to the real thing. We believe that the KayakPro ergometers meet this requirement. After sampling the market and selling our first few ergometers, it was obvious that there was a demand for more, and hence the Paddle Pro buinsess was born.

Following overwhelming feedback from athletes using a demo unit in the Millennium Institute of Sport gym (Auckland), machines sold to Carbon Gym (Chch) and to several individuals (incl NZ representatives), and off the back of the successful “road trip” of the Canoe and Kayak store we look forward to building the Paddle Pro business brand across New Zealand. Referees available on request.

Paddle Pro look to promote the competitive nature of athletes and offer an online race time register on our website, and have long term plans to find top times for North vs South Island in-door type races. We hope to get more people onto our ergs with indoor kayak spin classes planned to start in Auckland by mid-October 2013 (a first for Auckland).

Paddle Pro Ltd was incorporated on the 15th May 2013.


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