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  • Richard from PaddlePro was easy to deal with, and his help was really appreciated. The assistance and support we received was excellent. What I liked most about the service was the prompt and business-like approach. Keeping me informed on a regular basis of the delivery of my erg machine. Kia Ora
  • I am writing to endorse the Kayakpro Outrigger Ergometer. I have had it now approximately 3 weeks and it is set up in the lounge. It's incredible as it records stroke rate or rpm, watts, calories, distance and time. I have also started training at 5/10 but intend to up the weight as I get stronger. I know it's making a difference to my one man paddling as I feel stronger and faster although I have to work the technique.
  • Thanks for making these awesome machines available here in NZ Louise
  • "These are best Kayak simulators on the market"

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