Coaches / Athletes with Paddle Pro

  •   NZ Waka Ama Elite Men
    NZ rep team: selection and training
  • NZ J19 Team Waka Ama
    NZ rep team: selection and training
  • Dougal Allan
    Athlete / Coach:
    "The erg has quickly become essential to my kayak coaching and training. It gives me accurate and reliable training opportunities that give an edge over solely paddling outdoors" - Dougal Allan [click on the link above for more information]
  • Brad Anderson
    Athlete: Individual and team Waka Ama paddling legend. National and world titles.
  • Teneale Hatton
    Athlete / Coach: Sprint Canoeing and Ocean/Surf ski athlete and world champion
  • Corey Peters
    Athlete: The kayak erg allows me to reach my target heart rate also getting a good core rotation and stability work out which has great cross over for sit-skiing. Para Olympian medalist.
  • Athlete / Coach: "The classes allow me to work on the aspects and performance of our stroke that are important and being able to translate that effort onto the water has resulted in measurable improvements. Better understanding through using Paddle Pro is such an asset for when I coach".
  • Danielle McKenzie
    Athlete: Professional Nutrigrain Iron-women Series athlete Surf Lifesaving. World Board Champion.
  • Rachael Dodwell
    Athlete / Coach: NZ Representative and High Performance Athlete.
  • Charles Nimmo
    Athlete / Coach / Proprietor at Carbon Health and Performance.
    "The Speedstroke erg is a great tool for technique analysis and for days you cant get on the water, furthermore when used in conjunction with Speedstroke software it can be used to measure improvements in stroke rate, power output and fitness".

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